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Aubrey Bockorny

Aubrey Bockorny

Pharmacy Student
Interprofessional Student Spotlight

“My favorite aspect of interprofessional collaboration is meeting individuals from other professions. I enjoy getting to learn about the nuances and strengths each program provides to the health care team. For example, I am in the Mental Health Focus Area where a nursing student and myself collaborate in simulations to provide care for patients. This experience has provided me with the didactic knowledge needed to succeed as well as a safe environment to navigate interprofessional patient care. Through this and other activities, I have gotten to explore roles within a team, my responsibilities, communication, and understand the importance of interprofessionalism. It excites me that I can build this foundational knowledge prior to practicing, so I can navigate interprofessional challenges and uncertainties without negatively impacting a patient's health care journey. At the end of the day, for me, it's all about helping patients get the best care!”