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Brenden Lipp

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Brendan Lipp

Master of Healthcare Administration Candidate
Interprofessional Student Spotlight

“The number of opportunities to work alongside other students in other health sciences programs coupled with the community impact from the activities was one of the major reasons I chose to attend the U of M. The opportunities to learn and practice interprofessionalism at the U of M are unparalleled. Students have a limited amount of time to hone their skills of collaborating with others in different professional fields in a supportive environment. As the health care leaders of tomorrow, we must come together to provide the highest quality of care that patients can easily access and afford. When everyone on the health care team is able to understand their role in relation to others in the care continuum, patients will ultimately receive better care that is more personalized, efficient, and effective. When you’re able to put coursework into action in these interprofessional activities, everything ‘clicks’ in your head as to how important everyone’s role is in the care model. In addition to your professional growth, you are grateful for what you have the opportunity to do for others and how you’ve volunteered some of your time to help others in the community.”