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About this Project

The Health Circuit: Mentorship Matters podcast is a University of Minnesota project aimed at connecting high school students with healthcare workers, health professional students, educators, and others who want to offer guidance, mentorship, and stories to prospective future healthcare professionals. 

This project was initiated as a collaboration between the Morris Challenge – which aims to establish UMN Morris as a trusted resource for rural sustainability – and the OACA/CIH Interprofessional Internship Program – which matches interprofessional student teams with community partners with the goal of fostering leadership, teamwork, and collaborative problem solving.

In each episode, physicians, nurses, therapists, and many other health professions learners and providers will tell the stories of their careers: how they entered healthcare, what they wished they knew when they were younger, their successes, challenges, frustrations, and favorite parts of their work. 

You can access these episodes below or on Spotify by searching The Health Circuit: Mentorship Matters.