CIH Collaboration and Consultation

Are you looking to collaborate at an individual, program, or institution level related to interprofessional education and practice initiatives? 

The Center for Interprofessional Health serves as a centralized source of expertise with broad networking opportunities.

  • Interprofessional curriculum development: Learn how to create or develop an interprofessional learning opportunity or experience, or how to expand to include additional health professions.
  • Interprofessional program/initiative enhancement: Receive guidance regarding how to inventory, enhance, or assess the interprofessional education curriculum at your institution or program.
  • Speaking engagement: Request to have a CIH leader share their expertise and knowledge at an upcoming conference or meeting.
  • Scholarly collaboration: Partner with a CIH leader in conducting an interprofessional research project, including scholarship of teaching and learning 

We invite you to submit a request for a consultation with the Center for Interprofessional Health by clicking on the link below!

CIH Consultation Request Form