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Collaboration Insights: A Health Professions Blog for Effective Collaboration is a blog created for students, faculty, and alumni by interprofessional student interns. It is a hub for information on interprofessional education and collaboration: related skill-building, research, professional spotlights, and podcasts.

Two people dressed in business attire face each other and shake hands.

Reflections on Team Conflict and Communication

To more effectively prevent and overcome conflict, it is crucial to first establish trust and a pattern of good communication.

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Collaborating for a More Sustainable Healthcare Workforce: Reflections and Lessons Learned

Collaboration can be complex – it takes time, care, and a mutual desire to work together.

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Navigating Bias in Healthcare

Self-awareness: To solve a problem, one must first be aware of it.

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The Art of Balance: Navigating Role Conflict & Role Ambiguity

Navigating role conflict and role ambiguity is like steering a ship through turbulent waters.

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Collaborative Practice within Communities

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” - Phil Jackson

A team of healthcare professionals are seated at a table discussing options for a treatment plan in a collaborative manner across disciplines and cultures.

Cultural Considerations to Promote Effective Collaboration

We all can always work to incorporate cultural considerations in our practice – this starts with us!

Two cartoon Black masculine-presenting characters smiling and talking to each other with a desk between them. The person behind the desk appears to be a healthcare provider, and the person in front of the desk appears to be a patient.

Engaging Patients as Team Members

As future health professionals, we can play a role in increasing our patients’ engagement as members of their care team. 

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Interprofessional Compassion to Promote Psychological Safety within Healthcare

In the face of ever-intensifying complexity of patient care and demands of an interprofessional health infrastructure, a psychologically safe workforce is exactly what we need to work towards.

Interprofessional collaborative leadership graphic - several cartoon people working together in front of a wall of posters

Interprofessional Collaborative Leadership

Collaborative Leadership: Working together to improve health outcomes by recognizing all of us – leaders, providers, health professionals, patients, families, and community – as learners and leaders.

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Mental Health Awareness Month: The Importance of Being a Self-Advocate

Self-Advocacy: Prioritizing your mental health needs, protecting your boundaries and wellbeing, and establishing your safety and self-respect.