Better Together: Preparing for Collaborative Practice

Better Together: Preparing for Collaborative Practice consists of a 1-hour online module and a 3-hour live Zoom session that offers students an opportunity to engage with peers, as well as health professionals and experts, to learn how interprofessional collaboration impacts real world health outcomes.

Through this experience, students will:

  • Increase awareness that achieving desired health outcomes requires collaboration; among patients/clients, families, learners, and a variety of administrative, social, health, and support personnel.
  • Begin developing an interprofessional identity.
  • Become aware of collaborative competencies that all learners across the health professions need to develop to engage in collaborative practice.
  • Engage in meaningful discussions with other learners, patients/clients, and health professionals to increase knowledge of the various roles, responsibilities, values of collaborative team members.
  • Become aware of the continuum of interprofessional education and practice, including the 1Health curriculum.

Information for:

Student Participants

As a student participating in Better Together, you will be granted access to the necessary curricular materials and the online module via the 1Health Database. Once you log into the 1Health Database with your UMN Internet ID and password, you will be able to access the online module and pre-work form. (Note: If you are a student participant from the College of St. Scholastica or Augsburg University, you will log into this system using your UMN Guest ID and password)

In the 1Health Database, you will see your assigned live Zoom Better Together session date and time. There will be seven Better Together sessions scheduled throughout the fall semester, and it is important that you attend the session to which you are assigned! This is an opportunity for rich, interprofessional engagement and interaction with a wide variety of health professional students, and with practicing health professionals and experts. In the session, you will also begin to explore how interprofessional communication and collaboration skills impact teamwork, and the ability to safely and effectively care for patients, clients, and communities.

Important note for students:

  • Read the Better Together instructions that you receive from [email protected].
  • Complete the Better Together online module and submit your pre-work form in the 1Health Database by the stated deadline.
  • Make sure you have a good high-speed internet connection in order to actively participate in your pre-assigned Better Together session via Zoom! Each of the Better Together live Zoom sessions will begin promptly at 2:00pm and end at 5:00pm.
  • Students should participate in the Better Together live Zoom session via laptop/desktop computer or tablet in order to be able to access session resources. Students should not use a phone to log into their session.
  • Following your participation in a Better Together session, be sure to complete your required Better Together evaluation forms in the 1Health Database by the stated deadline.

Questions?  Contact [email protected]

Health Professional Guests

The Center for Interprofessional Health is excited to invite you to participate as a featured guest health professional for the University of Minnesota's introductory interprofessional educational sessions that will be held this coming fall, "Better Together: Preparing for Collaborative Practice"

We invite you to share your valuable healthcare experiences with the next generation of health professionals. The purpose of the event is to bring together over 1,100 students from 18 health professional programs to introduce them to the principles of working collaboratively. The participating health professional students will be a mixture of University of Minnesota students from the Twin Cities, Rochester, and Duluth campuses, as well as students from the College of St. Scholastica Duluth.

We are looking for a variety of practicing health professionals to engage in interactive discussions with these students! Your role would be to share your valuable professional perspective and experience with collaborative practice with two small groups of students. 

When: We will be hosting seven "Better Together" sessions this fall! We aim for 40 guest health professional participants per session, and we are hoping that each guest health professional can commit to a minimum of two sessions. The time commitment for each session is 1 hour from 3:45-4:45 pm.

Where: These sessions will all be conducted online, via live Zoom sessions.  You will be provided with a Zoom connection link and connect with the small groups of students using Zoom breakout rooms.

If you are a practicing health professional who is interested in engaging with new health professional students to share your real-world interprofessional collaboration experiences, we invite you to participate in the Better Together sessions!  We look forward to your participation in this rich, interprofessional learning experience!

Questions?  Contact [email protected]