Collaboration in Action (CIA): Interprofessional LEAP Experiences

The Collaboration in Action: Interprofessional LEAP (Learning through Engaging Actively in Practice) Experience is an interprofessional education opportunity designed to allow learners from different professions to engage in collaborative activities in the clinical learning environment.

Learners who regularly interact in practice at LEAP sites will participate in a series of specific, intentional interprofessional learning experiences unique to their experiential site, all with the goal of promoting interprofessional competency development.

While interprofessional learning experiences will be unique to each site, some sample activities may include: 

  • Member of a Peer Allied Learning (PAL) team 
  • PAL and/or patient shadowing
  • Interprofessional rounds and/or huddles
  • Case consultations
  • Shared patient visits 
  • Interprofessional debriefing sessions for reflection and feedback

Through this experience, learners will:

  • Engage as active team members, interacting with honesty and integrity and respecting the unique cultures and values of all team members, including the patient/caregiver. 
  • Evaluate the impact of one’s own verbal and non-verbal communication on team decision-making and care planning/delivery. 
  • Clearly communicate and reflect upon the key elements of their roles and responsibilities in practice and the impacts of their contributions on the formation of both uniprofessional identity and interprofessional team identity. 
  • Understand and integrate the knowledge, experiences, and values of other team members, including the patient/caregiver, and engage these diverse perspectives in shared decision-making to promote quality care. 

Several Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IPEC) competencies are developed through these activities:

  • Communication: C 1, 3, 5
  • Roles & Responsibilities: RR 4
  • Teams & Teamwork: TT 2, 6
  • Values & Ethics: VE 5, 10

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