Developing Tangible Collaborative Practice and Precepting Skills

Oct. 20, 2022

person taking notes in video meeting

The Center for Interprofessional Health’s Preceptor in Action WILD (Workplace Interprofessional Learning and Development) series is an innovative continuing education offering for preceptors to develop knowledge and skills around key IPEC competency domains—such as roles and responsibilities, teams and teamwork, communication, and values and ethics—that can be directly applied in the clinical learning environment.

In the most recently completed series on roles and responsibilities, 17 health professionals from six different professions participated in the six-week offering. Each week participants watched a short video and kept track of their reflections and how they applied techniques with their colleagues and students. In the sixth and final week, participants attended a debrief session to learn with, from, and about the series’ applications and impacts experienced by colleagues across professions.

One participant said they “enjoyed the very short, actionable activities,” while another participant said the WILD series “has been helpful in my learning and offers tangibles I can bring back to my daily work.”

Of those who completed evaluations, 100% stated that the overall quality of the program was good or excellent, and 100% stated they would recommend the offerings to their colleagues.

The series will be offered three times a year, with each series focusing on a distinct topical area. Participants receive two continuing education credits through the National Center for Interprofessional Practice & Education.