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Interprofessional Internship Provides Real World Experience for Solving Big Problems in Health Care

Akky Taubenheim

July 29, 2022
Ally Taubenheim, DNP, APRN, CPNP, believes in interprofessional education (IPE). When she learned of the opportunity to become part of the inaugural cohort of students in the Interprofessional Internship Program in 2020, she jumped at the opportunity.

Driven to Make A Positive Impact on the Care Team

Emma Hintz

June 14, 2022
As a doctor of physical therapy student, Emma Hintz became interested in i
nterprofessional activities as a way to understand the roles of other members on the care team.


New Interprofessional Program Helps Preceptors Advance Skills and Knowledge to Apply in the Clinical Learning Environment

health care worker 2

June 14, 2022
This innovative continuing education offering allows preceptors the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills around key IPEC competency domains—such as roles and responsibilities, teams and teamwork, communication, and values and ethics—that can be directly applied in the clinical learning environment.

Faculty Inducted into National Academies of Practice

Five gold stars

March 18, 2022
Four University of Minnesota faculty were recently inducted into the National Academies of Practice. The prestigious honor acknowledges their outstanding achievements and recognizes them as leaders in their professions.

Interprofessional Student Training on COVID-19 Vaccine and Pandemic Planning

person wearing a mask using a laptop

March 8, 2022
Students from the Duluth and Twin Cities campuses completed the online interprofessional training, COVID-19 Vaccine and Pandemic Planning. The course covered topics like COVID-19 and the COVID-19 vaccines, and the public health role in pandemics using a mix of recorded presentations, readings, interprofessional discussions, and journaling.

Student-Run HOPE Clinic Reopens

UMN students in front of CHUM Center

March 1, 2022
The student-run HOPE (Health of People Everywhere) Clinic in Duluth recently reopened after closing last fall due to the COVID surge. Located within the Churches United in Ministry (CHUM) Center, the clinic provides free acute care to underserved populations, especially those experiencing homelessness residing at the CHUM Center.